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 author, speaker, professor and 

 trainer in business creativity 

Creativity is a mindset. I love that slogan. More than an innate talent or a trained skill, creativity is indeed a way of thinking, doing, living. Perhaps it is even the most prominent quality that will always continue to distinguish us, humans, from machines driven by advanced technology. I strongly believe that.

Creativity is my profession. And I adore inspiring and helping people to develop their creative potential. Be it the young and hungry wolves that are my students or the experienced professionals in need of a creative sparkle that exalts their competence and success, they are my audience, my readers, my trainees and my passion.

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  • Born in 1964 and living in Brussels, Belgium

  • Master degree in visual arts and communication

  • Master degree in creativity training and facilitating

  • 25 years in marketing-communication as a designer, copywriter and creative director for different agencies and international clients from a variety of industries (mainly B-2-B)

  • 8 years in business creativity and innovation as a trainer, facilitator and speaker for a variety of international organisations and companies

  • 6 years in education as a pioneer professor 'Idea & Innovation Management' at the Erasmus University College Brussels and a guest-professor at the Artevelde University College Gent

Let me inspire and train you and your organisation!


As a professional speaker, I'd be delighted to inspire your audience on 'how constraints drive creativity' with a keynote between 15 and 50 minutes (depending on the occasion). 

Let's talk about your event. Is it an internal meeting or an open conference? In what way does it fit into your theme? Who's your audience and what do they expect? Do you only want a keynote or can it be followed by a workshop?


Fill out the form below and I will contact you asap.

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As a professional trainer, I will teach you the 'Constraint Suite' techniques from in the book. There are two options: a one-day workshop for end-users or a two-day train-the-trainer course with a certificate.


Let's talk about your training needs. How many people do you want to train? What are your expectations? And when should you choose for a train-the-trainer course? Would you like to have a training combined with a keynote?

Fill out the form below and I will contact you asap.

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